What could you do? An interactive sexual decision-making program

KeishaOne storyline follows Keisha, who has a boyfriend. He invites her over to his place when nobody will be there. She is faced with decisions ranging from whether to go to his place, all the way up to whether to have sex with him. This sample clip shows her making a decision about whether or not to use a condom. Viewers are asked to imagine what they would do when faced with a similar situation.
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CaitlinAnother storyline follows Caitlin, who meets a cute guy at a party. She, too, faces many decisions while interacting with him. In this sample clip, she has to decide whether or not to go somewhere alone with him. Cognitive rehearsal is presented for viewers who choose the option not to be alone with the guy.
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CondomWhen Brandi finds out that her older sister buys condoms, they have a candid conversation about how condoms work, how and why they can fail, and about relative risk reduction. They practice putting a condom on a cucumber to demonstrate the correct procedure and discuss common mistakes.
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PelvicBrandi is also shown getting a pelvic exam, and asking a lot of questions that young women may be embarrased to ask. The doctor explains the exam and reproductive anatomy, and addresses a number of common misconceptions, including what pap smears test for and how a person can have a sexually transmitted disease without knowing it.
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