What Could You Do Order Information

The "What Could You Do?" DVD is available in different formats, described below. Click here to download a copy of the order form, and mail it to the address on the form with a check, money order, or purchase order made payable to Carnegie Mellon University. Be sure to include "What Could You Do?" in the address.

  • Structured DVD: $59
    Structured to guide the user through the material, the DVD limits access to the most critical sections at first, and freezes the screen for a fixed time period when the user is asked to "think about" her own choices.
  • Flexible DVD: $59
    This version allows the user to skip ahead, jump to particular scenes, and bypass the delay at cognitive rehearsal screens. Clinicians and teachers can use this version of the DVD to select specific information to show to an adolescent, or to peruse the material.
  • Boxed set: $99
    One copy of the Structured DVD and one Flexible DVD together as a boxed set.
  • Spanish-subtitled version: TBA
    We are currently exploring interest for a version of the DVD with Spanish subtitles. Please email us at wcyd-dvd [at] andrew.cmu.edu to let us know of your interest. You will be put on the waiting list for future availability if and when a Spanish-language version becomes available.

Shipping by USPS Priority Mail is free.

Email us at wcyd-dvd [at] andrew.cmu.edu with questions about orders.