Mental Models Training Workshop
Carnegie Mellon University
Porter Hall 223-D
Social & Decision Sciences

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Reference Materials:
Mental Models Overview Handout

Interview training - Mental Models Interview Protocol and Technique
Program to weight lines
Vaccine Code Summaries
Vaccine Variable Definitions
Vaccine Model: College Risk & Benefit
Coding sheets Q1 only
Vaccine code data (SPSS file)

Formatting and Exporting:
Exporting Data Excel file
Exporting Date Excel file with updates

macro for formatting transcripts
(formats by utterance)
macro by sentence (formats by sentence)
To run these macros you may need to adjust your security setting in MicrosoftWord. You can do a Google search for "enabling macros in Word 2007/2003(whatever version you have)" and follow those instructions.

Equipment for Interviews

Useful Programs

Transcription Service

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Downs, J. S., Bruine de Bruin, W. & Fischhoff, B. (2008). Parents' vaccination comprehension and decisions. Vaccine, 26, 1595-1607.

Fischhoff, B., Downs, J., & Bruine de Bruin, W. (1998). Adolescent vulnerability: A framework for behavioral interventions. Applied and Preventive Psychology, 7, 77-94.