Friday, October 26 , 2007. noon to 1:30pm. Baker Hall 232Q, Carnegie Mellon University

Some ideas for future research on risk perception and communication.

Presenter: Branden B. Johnson, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Dr. Johnson's past research has covered risk comparisons, trust sources, evaluation of water quality reports and environmental indicators, information processing, the white male effect, and organizational communications, among other topics. His current research and proposals include new work on these topics, as well as on climate change communication to individuals and organizations, social identity's role in risk perception, and effects of precautionary action. In this seminar, Dr. Johnson would like to informally discuss research ideas for feedback or possible collaboration for 3rd party funding (or student theses). These fall into such categories as affect/emotions and cognition; identity; attributions, stereotypes, and trust; ecology of risk communications; and studying risk experts.