January 30, 2008. 3:00-4:30pm. Porter Hall 223-D, Carnegie Mellon University.

Chlamydia risk perceptions and condom-use with casual sexual partners

Presenter: Katie Newby, Senior Researcher, Coventry University

In this seminar, Katie Newby will present on her recent and ongoing work exploring and examining young adults’ Chlamydia risk perceptions.
In particular she will 1) present the findings of a qualitative study exploring the accuracy of young adults’ knowledge about Chlamydia and the
influence of Chlamydia risk on sexual decision making, and summarise the design and planned analysis of two further empirical studies to
2)examine young adults’ perceptions of the relative importance of Chlamydia risk as an outcome of unprotected sex and 3) examine the underlying
content of young adults’ perceptions of Chlamydia risk and how this influences condom use intentions/behaviour with casual sexual partners.
Feedback on the design and direction of this work is most welcome.