Seminar Series - Fall 2008

Wednesdays 3:00-4:30pm

December 10: Frederic Bouder, King's College London
Title: Defining a tolerability of risk model for the pharmaceutical area: results from a multi-case analysis

Past Fall 2008 seminars:
September 10: Elizabeth B. Lynch, PhD, Department of Preventive Medicine, Rush University Medical Center
Title: Determinants of Food Choice among Low Income African-American Mothers

Four studies will be presented which describe cognitive influences on food choice among low income African-American mothers at high risk of obesity and diet-related illnesses. Studies explore the relative importance of health in food choices, folk categories of food, the meaning of “healthy food,” and perception of body size. These studies provide formative research for development of a targeted intervention strategy to increase healthy food choices in this high risk population.




Location: Porter Hall 223D, Carnegie Mellon University, Social and Decision Sciences conference room

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